P’tit Trot is a learning program designed for children 5 years and over who love horses and ponies and who want to take care of them while learning about them at a classic (English) or Western style.

The P’tit Trot book is completely and extremely well illustrated. The coloured drawings and pictures combined with the humouristic notes help children to discover the ABC’s of the behaviour of the horses, the care to be given to them, the attitude to have with them, as well as the basics of horseback riding in a safe environment.


Parents and Coaches:

Parents and teachers are invited to use this entertaining and educational presentation. The P’tit Trot program can be used for day camps, other camps, etc.

The P’tit Trot program is also an introduction to the Rider Training Program in both classic and western riding. The teacher helps the child acquire all the notions presented in each chapter of the book. The teacher validates the acquired knowledge by presenting the child with a certificate for each level reached: bronze, silver, gold, platinum.


Start Your Program Today! (Starting May 2nd)

Subsidized by the IHC, we have learning manuals along with colouring books put together as kits. How can you get your hands on one of these kits? Stop in at the IHC office and get your own for the exceptionally low price of $5, brought to you by IHC funding and support.


Please click the link below to download your individual P’tit Trot order form. Then bring it in to the office with the payment to pick up your kit(s). Thank you!

P’tit Trot Individual Order