After a very busy year for IHC, it’s time to celebrate our members and their accomplishments from 2018.

Please review the 2018 Awards List and submit your nominations using the form below. Nominations will be compiled and reviewed by the awards committee. Nominations are due by January 25, 2018.

Please note that awards are based on the information we receive. Please include as much detail as possible to outline why your nominee is deserving of an award. All annual awards, such as athlete and horse of the year, are based on events and results for 2018 only. All other awards, such as model member and  the Ralph Manning memorial, are based on a nominees overall contribution to the horse community. If there are no suitable candidates, an award will not be offered.

2018 IHC Awards Nominations

  • Please select the award that you are nominating the above person to receive.
  • Please provide the awards committee with detail on the nominee, what makes them an appropriate candidate for the award, and any applicable supporting detail such as show records, examples, volunteer history, etc. The awards will be selected based on the details provided in this write up.