KidSport PEI believes all Island children should have the opportunity to experience the positive benefits that sport offers. Organized sport teaches children important life skills, such as leadership, commitment, teamwork and self-confidence. Staying physically active is important for everyone, and playing sports helps develop healthy lifestyles for children across Prince Edward Island. KidSport PEI helps remove the financial barriers that limit some children from participating in sport in PEI.

Fast Facts:

*Since 1997, KidSport PEI  has distributed $1,332,340.48 in grants to 7100 Island children to cover the cost of sport registration fees and/or equipment.

* KidSport PEI provides grants for children 18 years of age and under, to participate in organized amateur sport.

* KidSport grants are available to a maximum of $300, which can be applied to more than one sport per calendar year.

* Since 1998, Bell-Aliant has been the corporate partner of KidSport PEI. By financially supporting the administrative functions of our program, we can ensure 100% of all funds raised go to the children.

* There are over 40 provincial sport organizations in PEI that children can choose to participate in, using the KidSport program.

* The Province of Prince Edward Island provides in-kind support to the program.


Sport PEI manages the KidSport chapter on PEI.  KidSport PEI operates provincially. Please contact Sport PEI or walk into their office for a physical application. You may also download a copy of an application from the KidSport website, and then bring it in to the Sport PEI office.

Please visit the KidSport PEI website for more information.