April 26, 2018

Island Horse Council is looking for new team members! If you are interested in the positions listed below, please forward your name and resume to office@islandhorsecouncil.ca. All interested parties will be contacted, and the Board of Directors will select the candidates for the positions. All executive positions will come up for renewal at the 2018 AGM. Current deadline will be May 14, 2018, and we are always looking for new volunteers for our many activities and committees within IHC, please forward your name at any time if you are interested in an open volunteer option.

Executive Position:

Vice President – responsible for working closely with the president on all organizational and administrative tasks required in operating a PTSO. Will also be responsible for maintaining staff direction and overseeing productivity. This person should be well versed in administrative tasks, be highly organized, have a drive to succeed and leadership qualities, as well as an eye for detail. This person will be working closely with the board and executive on all IHC business, including program development, funding, special projects and committees.

*From the 2018 constitution – The Vice-President, in the absence of the President, shall assume all the President’s duties. If the President cannot complete the term, the Vice President shall become the President for the remainder of the term.*

Board of Directors:

Director at Large (2) – responsible for being the voice for the general IHC membership who are not directly club affiliated, and will serve as a contact person for these members (similar to a club rep for a member club). This person is not a member of an IHC member club, but should be an active and open member of the Island horse community. Will be working with the board and executive on all IHC business, including programs, funding, special projects and committees.