***New from IHC*** First Show – Introduction to Competition

Have you wanted to try your skills at a horse show? Or try a new discipline with your equine partner? This is the program for you!

This program is aimed towards IHC members who are entering into competitive riding and showing, or a new discipline, for the first time at a grassroots level.


  • Qualifying events are non-sanctioned shows organized by IHC Member Clubs
  • Qualifying competitors are first time participants in the discipline
  • IHC will subsidize entry fees for up to two divisions, competitors are responsible for all other fees, memberships, stabling, etc.
  • Competitors should submit their Competitor Request Form with their show Registration Form and proof of IHC membership
  • Show secretaries should accept First Show – Competitor Request Forms as entry fee payment
  • Show secretaries must complete and submit their Competition Remittance Form after each competition


Please click the links below to view and/or download the Competitor Request Form.

Competitor Request Form

Competitor Request Form