Atlantic Canada Equestrian Championships
Team PEI Qualifying Criteria – 2018

Team Composition

  • One team of four riders at the Training level.   One score will be discarded.  Teams of three will be accepted.
  • One team of four riders at the First level.  One score will be discarded.  Teams of three will be accepted.

 Declaring Intent to Compete

  • Riders must submit a declaration form and a non-refundable declaration fee by June 26, 2018.
  • Riders may declare multiple horses but will only be eligible to ride one horse at the Championships.
  • Riders must submit a separate form and pay a declaration fee for each horse.
  • In the event of an injury or illness to a declared horse, riders may submit an alternate horse, which has achieved qualifying scores, at the discretion of the selection committee.
  • All qualifying scores must be submitted to the IHC office:


  • Qualifying scores will be considered from the highest two scores from an EC sanctioned Gold, Silver or Bronze show.
  • One of two qualifying scores must be obtained from an EC sanctioned competition held on PEI.
  • The minimum accepted score is 55%.
  • All qualifying scores must be completed within 30 days of the date of Championships.
  • Qualifications are open to Juniors and Seniors.

 Team Selection Criteria

  • Competition performance scores will be converted to a point system that will be used to determine overall standings and team selection. For better evaluation, riders should submit results from all competitions, not just qualifying scores.
  • Selection will take into account overall horse/rider suitability and sportsmanship.
  • The selection committee reserves the right to consider other factors leading up to the championship to aid in overall team selection. For example, horse soundness.
  • Declared riders must be a member of the Island Horse Council.
  • Declared riders must be a member of Dressage PEI.

Additional Information will be provided regarding schedule and timetable.

If you would like to download the Dressage Criteria file, please click on the link below.

Dressage PEI Athlete Selection Criteria